Orion Technologies, LLC


Orion Technologies, LLC provides design, engineering and fabrication support to aviation projects.  Our emphasis on market oriented aesthetics, optimized performance and structural integrity, provides our customers  with the key features common to all successful products.  We support all phases of airplane development, ranging from conceptual design, through prototype fabrication and flight test.

We are experts in the field of aviation - our experience, coupled with a hint of conservativeness, has allowed us to achieve and maintain a perfect safety record for the more than twenty five years we have been in business.

Give us a call - we love talking airplanes.  The best time to reach us is during business hours (Pacific Coast) at (360) 668-8355 or contact@oriontechnologies.net.

Last update:  07/20/11

Welcome to our world of aviation

The best way to communicate our experience, the variety of past involvements and our commitment to the industry, is through the illustrations and photos shown within our site’s pages.